MA! Brisaola: one of the best Italian cured meats at Vinitaly

Our Brisaola has joined the prestigious selection of Italian excellence for the Sol&Agrifood-il Golosario prize.

The handmade, natural Brisaola from Madesimo today received this prestigious award for salumi for the first time; and so we have become a member of this exclusive group that contains the best of Made in Italy.

"This year Vinitaly celebrated the Sol&Agrifood-ilGolosario award in the Food-Farming section. This award was established in collaboration with the food and wine critics Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti to highlight emerging Italian food-farming products of excellence presented at the fair.  After tasting the products, a special commission compiled a shortlist for the two critics on the basis of their personal appreciation. This morning, on the closing day of the event, they announced the winners who will appear in the 2020 edition of Il Golosario, best selling gourmet guide.

An incredible range of product categories was considered, from salami to cheeses, from pastas to desserts, from tasty treats to jams and spirits, with close attention given to craft beers. A special award was also granted to EVERGREEN producers: gourmet masters who have maintained the highest levels of quality in their products, year after year. 

This year, as always, the taste judges have kept up their usual high standards in parameters of assessment: quality and attention to origin and production methods. "

April 10th 2019

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