MA! che pizza! ... handmade and natural

From summer 2019 in Madesimo you can also find ... MA! che pizza!  In the unique MA! style: no chemical preservatives, great products, natural rhythms.

Every day in our shop you can find take away focaccia and pizza, special fresh bread, sweet and savoury croissants.

From December 2019 we’ll also be selling take away deli products.


Why is it so tasty?

Simple doughs: unrefined flours, water, salt and starter yeast

Slow and natural rising

Best Italian products: authentic, organic, unique


All made with selected ingredients

Cured meats from MA! Officina Gastronomica

Italian organic and wholewheat flours (Molino Rachello)

Tamìa organic extra virgin oil (cold pressed in Lazio using only local olives)

Organic mozzarella, scamorza, burrata cheese, buffalo mozzarella ( Dassogno Farm)

Crescenza, stracchino, ricotta, goat and sheep milk cheeses ( Radichino Dairy Farm)

Tomatoes and tomato sauce, matured in the sun of central/South Italy(Ciro Flagella)

Tuna and anchovies from the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas (Colimena)

Other cured meats from producers whose philosophy is the same as ours: no preservatives, natural and traditional working


MA! che pizza!

Madesimo – via Alla Fonte, 3

Opening times: 10/14 – 16/20

During summer and winter open every day

Off season: from Friday to Monday

phone 379 184 7752

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