The home of excellence


Traditional methods, research and sustainability

In our laboratory we have decided to follow a philosophy of sustainable production. For us sustainability means producing less and better, without damaging the planet or our neighbours. We support local producers and our other suppliers are carefully selected. Production is supervised and limited, we never exceed the limit that we have set ourselves. We use only handmade production methods and everything is always supervised by us personally.

Over the years MA! Officina Gastronomica has received several awards for its activities and its products: in 2009  we won the Identità Golose Craftsman of the Year award, from 2013 to 2018 the Gourmarte Custode del Gusto prize, in 2018 we took 4th place for the Accademia della 5T award for the best salami in Italy. In 2019 our brisaola joined the prestigious selection of Italian excellence for the Sol&Agrifood-il Golosario prize.

In 2019 we were awarded the title of best handmade bresaola in Italy by Gambero Rosso and the organisation of Merano Wine Festival conferred the WineHunter Award on MA! bresaola and salami.


Three people ... one idea

Raffaella and Stefano Masanti together with Stefano Ciabarri are the soul of MA! Officina Gastronomica, three people who unite their passion for the land, its products and its producers with the experience they have gained from running their Michelin star restaurant, Il Cantinone, in Madesimo. These are the two inseparable sides of a unique gourmet project which aims to find its own personal expression by making original and niche products.


The lair of the artisan chefs

This is the place where we can give free rein to our creativity, where we choose to put technology at the service of a tradition whose experience teaches us how to work and transform raw materials. We work by hand on small batches and the production process is calibrated each time on the basis of product characteristics, recipe, ageing and climate. In the laboratory we use the air of our mountains, too; the air introduced for the ageing process is not filtered and this, together with the altitude of Madesimo, allows us to avoid using preservatives in our cured meats.

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Handmade production

We follow all the phases of production very closely, we use technology but we remain respectful of traditional methods and try to make the most of the raw materials that we select.

Raw materials

We select only the highest quality raw materials from mostly local breeders and producers that we know and select personally because they respect traditional practices and natural rhythms.


In our laboratory we are constantly studying and experimenting to be able to offer naturally excellent products that, on occasion, can give you a new and particular insight into our traditions.


The Shop

In the centre of Madesimo near the laboratory we have a small shop where you can purchase our products. Some are always available, while others only during certain times of the year or after booking ahead; this depends on the season and the availability of raw materials. In the shop you will also find a selection of wines, especially local ones from Valtellina, cheeses from our Alpine pastures made by selected producers, books ... the store is a little world of goodies for yourself or as a gift for someone special.


Visit the laboratory

During the year we organize visits to our laboratory so that everyone can find out where our bresaolas and cured meats come from. We'll tell you the story of our products and the traditions of our valley, we’ll speak about production techniques, ingredients and ageing processes. The tour ends with a tasting session of bresaolas of various ages. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to get to know us and enjoy our products. All visits are free of charge and must be booked at least 2 days in advance. For scheduled dates please visit our website or contact us.


Courses and catering

MA! Officina Gastronomica organizes courses of traditional charcuterie for professionals and enthusiasts. The courses have been designed to learn about procedures (raw materials, legislation, preparation, ageing, other preparations) and to engage in first person in the production of cured meats. Each course consists of a full three days in Madesimo, which is also an excellent opportunity to get to know the area and taste the local specialities. Stefano Masanti and Stefano Ciabarri together with Raffaella combine their considerable experience of the Michelin star restaurant Il Cantinone and MA! Officina Gastronomica, thus becoming your ideal partners for private and corporate events, wedding banquets, parties and dinners, private parties with a personal chef.