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For our cured meats we have decided not to use nitrites, nitrates and other chemical preservatives, we use only selected salts, spices, natural flavours, our own experience of cooking, time and the air of Madesimo. We select our cuts of meat from known and, whenever possible, local suppliers.

We produce brisaola, the traditional Violino di Capra della Valchiavenna, salami and sausages, pancetta, cotechino sausage and hams. We use beef, goat, venison and black Alpine pork. We also have a line of delicatessen products such as venison terrines and pâtés, cream of lardo or ready-made meals. For several years now we have also been producing jams with fresh local and seasonal fruit, such as the blueberries we gather from our woodlands.

*** Golosario Award: Brisaola MA! is one of the best at Vinitaly ***

*** Gambero Rosso: MA! is the best handmade bresaola in Italy ***

*** The WineHunter Award: top quality brisaola and salame ***


We call it brisaola because this is the traditional name used in Valchiavenna for this type of cured beef, but also because it is something different from the traditional bresaola, which often is produced using an industrial method.

For our "classical" brisaolas we use the best Italian and European fresh meat, fresh Italian garlic, Trapani salt and our special recipe of spices.

Our "sublime/unique" version of bresaola is also available – by booking ahead– with prolonged ageing and even more special ingredients.

In our laboratory processing is done entirely by hand, drying and curing take place at temperatures and humidity levels which are checked and verified daily.

Our brisaolas are gluten free and contain no allergens.
Brisaola della Valchiavenna

Cuts and sizes of pieces

The “punta d'anca” is the cut from the hindquarters of the beef, the fat content is low (between 4 and 7%) and the minimum ageing required is 45 days (size from 3 to 4 kg).

The “magatello” is the leanest cut taken from the hindquarters of the beef to make bresaola, the fat content is around 5% and thanks to these characteristics it can be consumed after only 30 days of maturation (size approx 2 kg).

The “sottofesa” is the finest cut according to Valchiavenna tradition and has a slightly higher fat content than the punta d'anca (between 7 and 10%), that’s why the minimum ageing is 60 days (size approx 4 kg).

The “codone” is the portion at the tip of the sottofesa, triangular in shape, it is normally a well infiltrated and externally fatty muscle, therefore very tasty and aromatic, it practically melts in your mouth. This is the brisaola for true connoisseurs. The ageing process is medium/long, as for the sottofesa (approx 1 kg).
Brisaola della Valchiavenna


The ageing process is never forced and takes place according to the time required by nature.

The"classic" brisaola is aged from 30 (fresh) to 45 (soft) to 60 days (rich). The"sublime/unique" brisaola matures for 90 days, wines and spirits are added to the traditional spices and sometimes it is also smoked.

Thanks to the altitude of Madesimo (1550 m) and its microclimate, we can mature our products without the use of preservatives and using a reduced amount of salt compared to production at a lower altitude.
Brisaola della Valchiavenna


The slinzega is a traditional product of Valtellina and Valchiavenna similar to bresaola. It's smaller and has a shorter ageing (about 45 days).

For this product we choose a smaller cut of the thigh muscle (“spinacino”), which is slightly more fatty,  thus allowing us to obtain a product that is not too dry and great tasting.

The size is approx 600 g.
Brisaola della Valchiavenna

Goat meat products

We only use the meat of goats raised in Valchiavenna and slaughtered at the end of the summer season, after returning from the mountains.

The goats are selected according to age and quality of the meat.

In addition to the traditional Violino di Capra (ageing 70/90 days) we also produce matured shoulder (50/70 days), mixed beef and goat salami (ageing 40/50 days) and salami in a crust of toasted polenta flour (ageing 40/50 days).
MA! bresaola e non solo

Violino di capra

We have always produced the traditional Valchiavenna Violino di Capra in strict observance of the regulations of the Slowfood Association.

According to Slowfood, the Violino di Capra can be produced exclusively with the ancient traditional techniques, using semi-free range animals (only stabled in winter) raised in the mountain areas in the province of Sondrio and fed only on herbs and wild plants from the mountain pastures supplemented with maize flour and bran.
Violino di capra

Venison products

During the hunting season we select the finest cuts of fresh meat available, especially roe deer and chamois.

After this, you can find matured Violino, salami and sausages, slinzega and bresaola, as well as a selection of gourmet products.
MA! bresaola e non solo anche selvagina

The pigs

To bring you these products, we collaborate with the Vera Capelli Farm in Samolaco (SO), dedicated breeders of this rare and ancient breed of pig.

MA! Officina Gastronomica agrees to purchase and process the piglets, the Vera farm undertakes to breed them naturally, raising them free and in the wild ... their meat is so tasty and compact, a real treat!
Maiale nero delle Alpi


The meat of the black Alpine pig lends itself to numerous ways of working: fresh sausages and cotechini, fresh and matured sausages (from 40 to 60 days), pancetta and coppa aged for 3 months, the classical mortadella di fegato (made with liver),  the original polenta-crusted salami matured for at least two months and the lonzino with or without rind aged for 50/60 days.
MA! bresaola e non solo Maiale nero delle Alpi


Transforming fruit is one of our latest adventures; we decided to make jams to take advantage of locally grown fruit and the wild berries that grow in our woods.

We have also added some new products made of exceptionally high quality seasonal fruits, selected from the best Italian producers.

We work with simple recipes that respect and enhance the goodness and the scent of a naturally excellent and delicious raw material.
MA! bresaola e non solo confetture e gastronomia

How to buy our products

The shop in Madesimo

In the centre of the village, you can find our lab and the shop, with the best products available at the time.

In addition to these, there is also a selection of other specialities like wines and cheeses from the best producers, not only local.


Online orders

Would you like to receive your personal selection of our alpine specialities straight to your door?

Write to us and we will give you all the information on product availability and instructions on ordering and shipping.


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A channel to handle orders from professionals who intend to bring our products into their businesses or local areas.

Here you can find info and support for restaurateurs, distributors, delicatessens, wine bars, ....



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